Comment: Silver strike in New York City? Found at the ol' Comex Casino?

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Silver strike in New York City? Found at the ol' Comex Casino?

Somebody's taking to excavating 'round the ol' Comex ® Casino. Now mind you, hard work is best done by others, not me. This excavating caught my eye as it appears they are giving away free dirt. Reminds me of the 1870 Nevada silver rush saloon keepers sweeping & tapping floor boards collecting dust the miners brought in with bits of gold & silver dust.

Sweeping up gold & silver fortunes & bundles of cash w/o so much as a shovel.

Washoe [Northwest Nevada], From Dan De Quille: The Big Bonanza 1876.

Orion & Samuel Clemens arrive in Carson City Nevada, 1861

Fate, or luck, in the form of his older brother, Orion, stepped in and provided Clemens with just the opportunity he needed. Through connections with Lincoln's cabinet, Orion had secured the prestigious position of Secretary of the Nevada Territory, under Tammany Hall politico Governor Nye. Orion, a notoriously honest man and terrible businessman, was in need of Clemens’ funds, and Clemens needed to get away.

Sam and Orion journeyed 20 days by stagecoach and arrived in “the insignificant village of Carson” City, a journey detailed in Twain’s travelogue/fictional narrative Roughing It. Sam was unimpressed with the 1,500-person mining provincial capital but believed that he would strike it big within three months and head back home laden with Nevada silver.

From September 1861 to April 1862, Clemens heartily undertook the backbreaking and laborious life of a miner and nearly claimed his long-sought-after wealth in a rich mine dubbed “Pride of Utah.” [He & his mining partner, Higbie were told by claim jumpers deceptive tales telling Higbie & Clemens separately, the other done picked up & skedaddled.] He would later dedicate "Roughing It" to Higie. As historian Fred Kaplan details tells in, "The Singular Mark Twain," “[Mark Twain] took frequent opportunities to sharpen his poker skills, practice his penchant for swearing and cultivate a western swagger, including carrying a pistol, which he had no skill at using.” By April 1862, physical labor & swindle took its toll. Wealth from a vein of silver seemed forever lost to Clemens. He set out & walked to Carson City, Nevada in search of an easy job.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul