Comment: That would be "King Saul" Anuzis...

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That would be "King Saul" Anuzis...

Yes, I remember fondly. Spontaneous activism. Saul, who was chairman of the Michigan State GOP, commented after the 2nd, now infamouse, SC debate, held on May 15th. 2007, that Ron Paul "should be BANNED from all future GOP debates!"

Let's get ready to rumble! Daily Paul played a huge part in literally shutting down the Michigan GOP's phone system; filling every in box of anyone that had anything even remotely to do with that organization, bombarding the fax line for 3 days.

Saul would try and back peddle later on and issued a very weak apology to Ron Paul. I lump him in with the likes of Hannity, Levin, Beck, Limbaugh, Huckabee, etc. They're "opportunists" who, if they didn't get on board with the truth at this time, would be totally left in the dust of history.

Saul, I guess everyone can have that "awakening moment". Have you had yours? If so, how about coming out in a press conference and admit that you and all your other neocon cronies were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, about Ron Paul, and that he WAS the man that we should've elected.

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