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You are confused.

And also not reading what you are replying to.

There are no 'predatory rights'. That's an oxymoron, rights are universal and unalienable, predation cannot be universal or unalienable. This is analytically true.

You also on mystical grounds (which is ironically necessary for a Rand follower) saying your evolution has no influence on your behavior. It does. You do have free choice but your options to choose from are determined by your nature.

I think your difficulty is you're a refined nonconsequentialist. You believe something is true about humans which may or may not be true, but in any case is not bound to remain so.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of why we have this collectivist individualist conflict. It is in our nature.

It's in the nature of all life in fact. The individualist/collectivist conflict is a primal one, it is older than man.

It results from an evolutionary strategy. The strategy of collectivism is intraspecies predation, it is oriented toward trying to ensure only the strongest breed. Extreme collectivist animals, ie hives, have thousands of individuals ensuring only one mates.

The reason why we became dominant is because we followed a path of limited collectivism.

To advance, I think, we will have to at least reject non-natural collectivism, ie statism. Our nature abides collectivism for the family group.

It's natural (this will offend you;) to sacrifice yourself for your family.

It's not natural to do so for a stranger even if he salutes the same flag. We know it's not natural because people have to be forcibly enslaved (conscripted) and brainwashed to do it.

Don't have to draft a mom or dad and put them in mind control bootcamps to get them to sacrifice for their child. That is natural.

So if you want to discuss, great but pay attention. I'm not saying what you seem to think I am, I'm saying something very different than that.

I am not deterministic. I'm a methodological skeptic. I don't agree that belief is a constructive form of cognition whatsoever. I do think we have a chance to become more and break free of our evolutionary chains, which got us here, but are holding us back.

The stage beyond evolution is capitalism. Real capitalism, real free markets, rapid cycles of free choice.

Will we let our animal nature keep us animal? Keep us, in my opinion, planet bound, and in a dead end that I expect has happened to countless species in the universe.

I suspect the real reason we don't see any other intelligent life, is because capitalism, freedom has yet to win.

In any case I would like to see it here. I'm an ancap because I pull for the individual but also because I pull for humanity.

The collectivist hive-state will doom humanity.

If you read this far maybe now you grok;) If so do you really disagree?