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I am not trying to

discourage activism, and I don't think that moving to Chile (or anywhere else) is the answer to our problems; however, any Amendments to the Constitution are going to require a super majority and I simply do not believe you will ever get a majority of Congress (much less a 3/4 majority) to vote for an Amendment which will actually force them to relinquish any of their power. In theory your idea sound good; however, whenever any substantive reforms are put forth in Congress they are always ridiculed or ignored all together. The "Read the Bills" act, which was introduced by Rand Paul is one of many, many examples. All this bill required was that the members of Congress actually be forced to read the bills before they vote on them, and Rand couldn't get even a handful of people in the outlaw Congress to agree that this was a good idea. The simple fact is that the criminals in Congress are not going to vote for anything which will substantively diminish their control and give any power back to We the People.

That does not mean; however, that we should just give up. If you ask me, I think that these people should start being held personally accountable for violating their oaths of office. It is absurd that Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to a fed, yet these people swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and break that oath every single day and lie to their constituents every day and not one of them is ever held accountable. If we should be working on anything together as a nation, it should be how we can hold these people personally accountable for violating their oaths. I am working on writing a post with an idea that may very well be a way to start holding these criminals personally responsible for violating their oaths and I will share it soon....