Comment: WTC 7 images are a misleading "comparison"

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WTC 7 images are a misleading "comparison"

I support the logical conclusions that WTC 1 & 2 and WTC 7 were brought down with additional help ie. explosives, what I term 'assisted demolition' as it wasn't totally controlled and rigged like proper controlled demolitions.

The WTC 7 images included in the imgur gallery are incorrectly used for "comparisons." In effect, it is a lie. It was either purposeful or the person who tried to make the comparison really has no idea what they're talking about. To be fair, let's say the latter.

The fires pictured in the imgur gallery were from early in the day. The fires later were much more severe. WTC 7 was raging, perhaps not a certified "inferno," but it was raging nonetheless. Not the miniscule, isolated pockets the included WTC 7 images show.

There was also significant damage to the corner opposite WTC 1.

I have watched all the FOIA released original footage of 9/11 WTC 1 & 2 and WTC 7. If you haven't, I suggest you find them. YouTube is your friend. You probably have no idea of many other massive explosions, many loud and muffled booms and explosions.

Also the core of WTC 2 was still fully intact up to the impact point of UA 175 AFTER the top "block" fell and had collapsed to Church Street. It was similar to the WTC 1 "spire," only that the WTC 2 core was A LOT MORE core than the "spire." Fully intact.