Comment: Reason to be hopeful for the future!

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Reason to be hopeful for the future!

I admit that I didn't watch this at all. I read the introductions to the interviews on every day after work so I am inundated with information on the state of the world and the impending economic collapse, the loss of world reserve currency status of the dollar and the potential for a hyperinflationary depression.

On the other hand the pro individual freedom movement continues to make progress with so many informative entities which didn't exist decades ago. CATO and the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Reason and Advocates for Self Government and and and not to mention Ayn Rand's books continue to enlighten.

Now we have the movement on college campuses with Young Americans for Liberty and Students For Liberty growing all over the world though still in an embryonic stage.

I do hope that readers and advocates of Ron Paul have come to grasp the distinction between the concepts of "potential" and "actual."

We all know that our current crop of leftist, statist politicians share the audacity of Morsi who was elected after the Brotherhood took over the revolution against the Mubarak dictatorship and couldn't wait to establish his own version of a theocratic tyranny. Hitler was also elected you know.

Curious how the Morsi supporters complain that the ouster of Morsi is a blow against democracy!

Now we have "president" Obama flouting the Constitution which did not originate with him admittedly. So did all the politicians who abdicated their responsibility to only pass constitutional laws.

At least they are being asked where in the Constitution they find the authority to do what they do.

When I was told the basics of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism my reaction was to say, "How come its not front page headline in the New York Times?"

Through reading Ayn Rand's works and The Objectivist Newsletter I came across Ludwig von Mises' works which is the breakthrough in the science of economics. So the antidote is known, just not yet to enough people. But the numbers are growing.

Take heart!

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