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Comment: Government IS violence.

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Government IS violence.

There are only three ways to get something you want from other people: you can beg for it; you can trade for it; or you can steal it. Government is not a fourth method; it is organized, institutionalized violence. But wait a minute! Isn't government supposed to PROTECT us from violence? Isn't that its sole excuse for existing?


"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure." (Robert LeFevre)

The success of the masquerade -- the legitimacy that people accord to "their" government -- is the real source of government power. Got that? It isn't the government weaponry that turns people into "subjects" or "citizens." It's our belief that they have a moral right to control us, that does the trick. That belief -- OUR belief -- is The Most Dangerous Superstition.

The primary purpose of 12 years of government "education" is to make sure that belief stays with you for a lifetime. Kids may not learn to read or write in government schools, but they do learn to do as they're told, like good little citizens.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose