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Comment: charging only brings the like-minded

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charging only brings the like-minded

Sure... everyone here would pay that amount, but of those who have been given distorted messages about Ron Paul and his philosophy by the MSM all through 2012.... those that refer to him as a quack, a nutjob, a "crazy uncle".... who out of those people are going to pay?

I want to be able to link to a RPTV YouTube video just as I can do with RT, the CorbettReport, or other sources of information.

cepivon is right....look at Alex Jones. Many people laugh at Infowars' sponsors (and some are serious prepper favorites), but who cares? The fact is that Infowars, RT, Corbett, and others, allow mass dissemination. A pay-only RPTV restricts the reach of its valuable message.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.