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Finally, another dude who

Finally, another dude who ain't afraid to refuse the kook-aid. Ron Paul is a fuckin hero, ok, this isn't about that. The channel sucks. I haven't learned much of anything that I haven't already learned through FREE sites like etc except from Greenwald. This is a preach to the choir channel yet it's being presented like it's supposed to reach a new audience who isn't already familiar with these ideas.

It's bad. It's cheap looking. It's embarrassingly amateurish and even patronizing at times with that relatively hot girl asking "viewer questions" which cover such BASIC concepts for most of us.

It's a terrible business model. Let us DONATE rather than subscribe. The subscription model ensures that this pathetic attempt to make an MSM-looking channel will fail miserably and be laughed out of existence. We need more Democracy Now or CurrentTV style, not this silliness.