Comment: I see folks posting the top in dance music..

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I see folks posting the top in dance music..

This is an industry I was deeply involved with and made tons of money in. Ridiculous amounts of money for a 23 yr old kid.

Juan Atkins named Techno, techno in 1984. House music was born in Chicago as a result of rich kids shitting on Disco. Nobody on this forum, I promise, knows electronic music better than me. Not being a dick... jussayin. I invested years and hundreds of thousands promoting this music.

I had most releases on IDM labels such as Warp, Ninja Tune and K7. I remember when drum and bass started in America because I was there.

The Brits took it over because their fan base loved it more than the American base. The proof is crystal clear. Goldie and his crew championed that sound to the Brits and won. 4Hero and the like helped shape modern music. I drove 12 hours to see Daft Punk in 97 or 98.

It is when Massive Magazine was hot and Vice magazine was just starting. It was also when the internet was in its infancy.

As an old raver and rave promoter... I could not be happier to see Daft Punk topping the charts in the states.

Its about fkn time.

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