Comment: The Market will decide

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The Market will decide

The free market will decide if the price of $10 is fair for the content delivered. I thought it was. I broadcast for two years, 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. Helped produce other shows, worked the boards, put the conferences together, re-streams... etc We all worked hard long hours for free, we tried to provide non skipping streams and good audio.... RonPaulRadio, RonPaulTV,BreakTheMatrix,Boldvoices are but a few of the ventures that tried to provide what the market demanded. Honest Free Radio/TV no ads, top notch guests and hosts, music, all of it. Well, in my humble opinion that can't be done for long. I think Ron has the Name recognition, the mailing list, the loyal friends in liberty. I think he charging for it because you have to, and you should, it's damn hard work.

What good is Freedom of the press, if the Press will not Press For Freedom? - UR

Ask not what your government can do for the people, ask what can the people do for the people. - UR