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I don't agree

One of the things that bothers me, perhaps the most about DP, is the blantent HYPOCRACY from those who claim they stand for LIBERTY, and yet, they can not GIVE LIBERTY TO OTHERS who do not agree with "The CHOIR". To call someone a TROLL because they give an HONEST OPINION is not standing for liberty.

It is the use of FORCE THROUGH WORDS, to make people feel that they have to fall in line with the Choir.. This bullying that Ron Paul is GOD no one can say "ahhh it's dull man" with out getting hammered is a breach of liberty. Ron Paul is a man, and thus he is NOT perfect, he is not going to make people entralled ALL THE TIME.

I have a real hard time with YES MEN. To me YES MEN are LIARS. It's a BIG problem we have in the country as people tend to surround themselves with YES MEN, as if they can not take CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is one of our best friends, especially for LIBERTY, because it HELPS us grow to achieve a broader audience.

Ron Paul needs to achieve a broader audience if his channel is going to fly. I bought a subscription.. I watched one of the most boring programs.. I didn't learn a damn thing, I don't agree with Greenwald, I think the sets are boring, I think what's her name, placating.. the whole fabricated conversation, "Oh I know you like talking about this Ron".. It's as if he needs prompting. He looks like he's about to fall asleep.

He's got a great concept. BRAVO!!! But if you think it doesn't need fine tuning, well, we're not going to agree.

If this is a competition about who loves Ron more.. you can have it. What a petty, childish game.

Ron is taking the lead= showing you how to promote what you "he" teaches. Offer to do a program with him.. "How to promote your issues": featuring ((((PAF))) How to have fun spreading the message of liberty!

There are a number of people who should be participating.. do it for free. His segments need to be shorter, he needs more moderators than Diana.. he needs live feeds, he needs more questions from veiwers, he needs sponcers, he needs contests, he needs entertainment. Hell, Hugh Hefner is older than Ron and no matter how gorgeous the bunnys, people want to know about Hefner.. well LIBERT beats Bunnies (I'm sure as usual most here will disagree, and you don't need to feed this troll, note the MASTER CHEF.. I feed myself liberty wannabes. cruch.) So cracker, call up Ron Paul, send an eamil and get on the show.

Get this Channel up.. The programmer is the YES MAN, and he's killin it. It's one of the most boring things I've ever watched, and I LOVE RON, and if I didn't I wouldn't have watched the whole thing.. but it was painfully SLOW.