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I suggest you watch The Legal Case for Israel ALL FACT about HOW and WHY Israel has the RIGHT to exist LEGALLY, according to the League of Nations and the UN and the treaties agreed upon BY EVERY NATION ON EARTH!

This attack on Israel is by the secular Islamic Nations and Communists who they collaborate in an agreement to END ALL SOVREIGNITY and turn the world into a Palestine, a stateless area that is CONTROLLED by tripple layers of AUTHORITY. Palestinian AUTHORITY IS SO CORRUPT and INEPT it's a standing JOKE is Palestinian movies.. it's actually very sad how the Palestinian AUTHORITY FORCES people to Islam AUTHORITY, so the FAT CATS who STEAL money meant for the Palestinian people buy expensive homes and fine foods and travel, while the let Islamic THUGS employ Sharia AUTHORITY that has NO respect for women's rights, sexual orientation and is worse than America in a war on drugs, and alcohol. The fact is most Palestinians wish they lived in Israel where theycan be FREE, rather than living under an AUTHORITY THAT GIVES THEM NOTHING BUT MISERY AND BAD LAWS, and to top that off we have the UN with it's globalists that work very hard to keep Palestinians TRAPPED.. children look at these FOREIGNERS HOPING TO GOD they can help and they USE THEM to advance their UN AGENDA.. the "Palestinianazation of the world". Islam has many wonderful people who have been rendered as TOOLS because in their spiritual quest they become SERVANTS.. you think it's to God.. It's and to YOU, in your heart, I'm sure it is, but that is not the GRAND SCHEME, and this is why Islam PROVOKES the constand and abundant LIES about Israel.

The only thing you may wind up with is a call to prayer, and if that's FINE by you because you believe God /Allah wanted nothing more for you than to be a servant.. you are not NOT FOR LIBERTY, YOU ARE NOT FOR FREEDOM, and you are NOT telling the truth.