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Comment: This is an easy problem guys

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This is an easy problem guys

Ron Paul and whoever is working with him made a business decision. He will have to live with the consequences of that.

Things to remember:
-He has provided free content to us for years. Really, a good % of us wouldn't have even been exposed to this if he hadn't opened up some intellectual doors.
-You are in no way obligated to pay for the service. I would encourage people who have been helped by Ron over the years to not poo-poo his decision to charge, but that is your right. If they are unhappy with or unsuccessful in their business model, it may change in the future.
-There is a benefit to not using advertising: you in no way entangle yourself with other interests. You are free to focus on your passion of applying the principles of liberty to current issues.
-If you subscribe, you can watch videos with people who you want to expose to these ideas in a high-quality manner. Sure, this isn't as easy as sending them a link, but it is more personal.

I made the decision to subscribe. I am willing to trade a small amount of Federal Reserve notes for the benefit of watching this. That makes three liberty subscriptions that I value more than my Federal Reserve notes: Ron Paul Channel, Peter Schiff Show, and Liberty Classroom.

Tu ne cede malis.

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