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Comment: Well, it's completely irrelevant

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Well, it's completely irrelevant

Tell me, Bastiat, why America should not outsource its national defense to Russia or Red China.

Well, it's completely irrelevant since it has long ceased to be "national defense" to become "fascist interventionism" instead :

Which are ALL - every single one of them - cronies of the ObaMARX administration and of the USSA's Gosbank - aka "Federal Reserve System" - I prefer "Gosbank" for it denotes essentially THE SAME THING, yet, is significantly shorter to spell :

And Bastiat seriously doubts the people - or any peaceful people for that matter - who suffer the plunder of their rent-seeking "elected representatives" and "government officials" ... ever wanted "fascist interventionism" instead of "national defense" for the sake of declared wars approved by Congress - assuming the latter not corrupt, either.


Now, I wish you good luck trying to sell more socialism to America VIA the Daily Paul.

I suggest you try the Daily Beast instead :

(For one, much appropriately named, IMO, btw)


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