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Absurdity/inconsistency vs circularity: they're linked together

Well, in fact, the "absurd" or "inconsistent" in logics is obviously found in more or less blatant contradictions (starting from the same premises) which also can lead to endless, circular derivations for their same intermediary statements, which at times will be found "true", and at other times found "false"...

See also :

infinite loops in computer programs, and


Putting arbitrary made-up labels at any time** on things, concepts, persons, in complete disregard of the natural, standard, literal meaning of words in the language used for whatever is the argument, and in disregard of any honest and careful reasoning over a fixed set of assumptions ... is a sure way to end up with intelligence-insulting / -degrading absurdities.

Hence my warning about these two talking heads who don't seem to care much about what "racism" actually means, to begin with, anyway.

** where "emotions" (faked or not) help a lot in that regard

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