Comment: I got one for speeding

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I got one for speeding

I was coming off the (2 lanes and a shoulder 70mph) highway onto a service road (2 lanes and a shoulder 40 mph) no traffic. He was hiding behind a building. I had slowed to 55mph.

The only other car around was his.

I am considering fighting this also.

The issue for me is they are NOT keeping us or anyone else safe by giving us an expensive fine. He was in that area because you can drive safely at that speed on the service road and people naturally drive faster than the posted speed. These are the areas that they "trap" people.

If they were there to keep people safe they would stay in areas where accidents happen the most frequently. Not in areas where people naturally feel safe driving faster than the posted speed.

I did ask him the question. "When you decided to become a police officer was this the kind of thing you dreamed of doing?"