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no kidding

I was one of the first who backed Rand. Im sure if you look through my history here you will find a few popular threads I posted in support of Rand.

The difference is now I actually support him as much as I did his father. I have been very critical of Rand and feel that Rand has stood up to the test of bullshit.

Rand has proven to me he is a competent and effective Leader. That is what matters to me. Rands actions have displayed leadership.

Regardless of how most feel, I see the leadership Rand consistently displays and I am behind it. Be a dick all you want. What I want to see is a leader. Someone I can believe in and get behind with the Faith that his leadership will right the ship.

I accept all the criticism but dare anyone to point at a leader that has the ability to lead our country better than Rand.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul