Comment: I live in TN and have gotten

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I live in TN and have gotten

I live in TN and have gotten no proof of insurance tickets before because I am horrible about updating cards. Just take in proof you had insurance at the time of the incident and the judge will throw that one least it has happened every time I have gotten one. As for the speeding are stuck with that one. I was only once able to get out of a speeding ticket and that was because I was able to prove my speedo was broken at the time(most new cars will throw a code...I went and got it scanned at autozone that day it was malfunctioning and proof that I had repaired it as well...I could even tell how to do this fraudulently(I didnt fake it since my speedo really was broken) but I wont. You deserve a speeding ticket for speeding in a construction zone...I am sometimes a construction worker myself...though not road are putting their lives at risk for doing their job every day. The proof of insurance ticket is bogus anyway since by law you had proof of insurance on your phone...therefore you werent in violation if you can prove that you can indeed pull up the info on your phone. If the judge doesnt throw it out when you show proof of coverage at the time of the incident then read the law and quote it back at him noting it does not say paper proof(reference the actual law first of course). Then make the argument that the cop not having time to look at it isnt a valid excuse...because you didnt have "time" to be stopped which is why you were speeding in the first place whereas the cop obviously had plenty of "time" to sit around in a speed could he not have an extra two minutes to comply with his side of the law?

My biggest piece of advice for you? Stop Speeding! I did this five years ago and guess what? I havent gotten a single ticket for anything since. Speeding DOES NOT help you get anywhere faster unless you are driving 4+ hours. You simply leave about five minutes earlier to get where you are going locally and you get there on time. I am a car guy myself and love to drive fast...but I have restricted that type of driving to the track....where you can drive fast legally while only endangering yourself and perhaps others who signed up for the risk.