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Victims of violenceVictims

Victims of violence

Victims of power

Victims of control


The birth of Tyranny in government......they say there is no tyranny, i say their are those waiting for the orders.......the very orders being waited upon, being the very thing we fight to stop.....that fight being the reason they await the orders.......they can not fathom a different way, except the, unbeknowst to them, the tyrannical way, and unbeknowst to them, those that fight them, fight them, because they SEE this possibility.........just by paying attention and having unbiased critical thought

Everyone as equals, we do not want the "words", we also want the effort, not the broken "oaths".....

Im having a strong feeling of karma, to those thoughts that went through this guys mind that made him think to do this.....i know hes not alone, and i know they believe that violence is the answer, and i know, they underestimate the power of retribution

Why cant they stop being so god damn stubborn and realise that NOBODY wins in that scenario