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You are correct on several levels

First, I want to admit, that I notice that terms and history is being re-written, for example, while I voted Nader 92, 96, Y2K, 04 and 08, which one might think as a complete opposite to Neocon, I recently found out that I am a Neocon because, I joined the GOP in 2011 to help Ron Paul win the GOP nomination and support Israel.

Second, this type of twist, appears to be happening on several levels, such as the LN, which now appears that the US did not participate, but, as I recall, states did. So in the past, while the US didn't as a whoke, state that did, for certain campaigns which became corporate, it was US, now it is not US and the corporate issues are standing apart.

Here's two I recall:
wirds within: "It was not the first time that the U.S. had used non-recognition as a political tool or symbolic statement."
Words within: "The US government subsequently entered into individual treaties to secure legal rights for its citizens, to protect property rights and businesses interests in the mandates, and to preclude the mandatory administration from altering the terms of the mandates without prior US approval.[10]

(There were many parties from the USA involved in the LN, Grange was one on women's rights, and since the Grange is national, I saw the US participation as protecting those US organizations who were involved. Now I see that the US is it's own "business of government", and definitions, terms have taken a new meaning, at least to me).

I thank you for waking me up to my changing world, recognize that you are correct and hope you might understand,