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Comment: So is being a Constitutionalist a statist?

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So is being a Constitutionalist a statist?

Ron Paul said many times that issues should be left up to THE STATES. I agreed with this.

The way I see it, from my experience is for example, medical cannabis..

My county decriminalized medical cannabis in 2004 with Measure G. The Sheriff PROTECTS the people in my county, with FORCE, from the STATE of CA and Federal Government, coming to the county and arresting people. The State of CA, passed Proposition 215 in 1996, so my county uses proposition 215 as the LAW that protects Californians from the Federal Government, from coming in and arresting people who, are registered with the state, through a cannabis provider (doctor recomendation), and in the county, through the Sheriff under Measure G.

In this example, Statism in a federal republic with representative democracy, protects the RIGHTS of residents and citizens who comply with the laws established by, of and for the people.

But now... statist has become a BAD thing, and when I look to see what is the opposite, I get a common term, anarchism.. no government. No government is each man for himself, which is great is a sparsly populated area where one may not see a neioghbor for months and when they do it's for trade, ( 10 rabbits for 2 doe).

Now I would think, the statist opposite would be global government, that those who are statist understand that local, state and federal government can and does protect the citizens who comply with the laws, OF, BY, and FOR the people, rather than have a global government, rule over ALL people by those who FORCE THEIR LAWS upon the people and the people have no voice, no choice, no protection.

I find it interesting that global government is no where in any reference to statism.

To me, Ron Paul when he was campaigning was a statis (leave the laws up to the states). I did not see Ron Paul as a globalist, matter of fact, I heard Ron Paul many times refer to fglobal government as the worst tyranny.

It seems to me, this "Liberty Movement", those who would not "get dirty" joining the GOP and helping Ron Paul achieve the GOP nomination, stole Ron Paul's message, many backed another Republican who also stole Ron Paul's message and worked to SPOIL Ron Paul's presidential run as giving an alternative, and then there were those who wrote Ron Paul in, which I have yet to see a Secretary of State page that credits Ron Paul write in votes, for example Rennsylvanis Ron Paul write in 270, Mickey Mouse 1,290, Johosaphat 430....

"Statist" is such an ugly word, isn't it? It's like Satanist. I even see where Obama is not a socialist, but a statist.. and I do not think of Obama as a statist because Obama crushes states rights with global treaties he's signed.

Statism was once a principle that applied to socialist regimes, that the power of the state was not of, by and for the people, but despite the people, as a dictator, does not care what the people want, but only they do what s/he says.

Now it seems that statist has evolved.. It seems to me, that a constitutionalist would be a statist, as they believe the constitution EMPOWERS the state, or federal government based on a representative democracy.

Being the "Champion of the Constitution", would be the greatesy statis ever? No???

Educate me.