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Comment: Honestly...

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What is the point of all these misleading titles? Some people here seem to have a need to have their discoveries viewed by others, but this is being accomplished through disingenuous means. Why not put humor in parenthesis? Why not put Onion in parenthesis? In what way is this story beneficial, outside of humor? Those of us that decide to portray falsehood as fact are disingenuous and cause a great disservice to this site. Is it so difficult to not mislead? Is it so necessary to have others view that which one finds fun or important, that one must create a misleading headline? I've never commented on this particular subject, but for the sake of keeping this site relevant I suggest we keep our information as honest as possible. If one is set on sharing a story for the sake of inspiring light-heartedness and laughter, let others know it is humor in the title. Let us be upfront, let us keep this site open and absent of misdirection slight or otherwise. Thanks