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His job

Extort theft.

If here we had a cop that was hired by the public to protect and serve. His service would have been to note that no danger no harm had or was about to occur and he would have spent his time more productiveley. However if he felt that a potential danger existed being a good servant he would stop and warn the driver about the hazzard in advance of the spot were the construction and lower speed was reccomeneded.

These so called traffic laws should be traffic suggestions, voluntary complince and until damage had occured there is no need to have a servant of the people assist.

But in a thug Rothschild zionist dictatorship we see the cop being a agressive bully thug who is sent to terrorize and control the population for their overlord dictators. Its the slave of a slave syndrome. Same as whe the controlers of the japan
military used korean prisoners as the guards over the American prisoners.

Give em a little power and watch them go mad.