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"he refers to himself as the

"he refers to himself as the messenger" [emphasis added]

No he doesn't. He has made statements along the lines that he isn't important, the message is. You have elevated that to a title by saying, "the messenger". And quite frankly, even if he had, calling oneself a prophet, doesn't make it so.

"is he the modern day embodiment of the liberty movement? i'd say yes. he has made people aware of libertarian principles worldwide, even more so than ayn rand."

No, he is not. No he did not do more than MANY other libertarians. And Ayn Rand was an objectivist, not a libertarian per se. In some ways the two philosophies share common ground, but in many ways, they do not.

For instance, in a lot of ways, statism is a natural extension of Objectivism in regard to things like foreign policy. Look at the policies of the Ayn Rand Institute.

As far as thinking it is rude, yes that is an opinion. As far as me observing that it is not a valid business unless your goal is to collect tithes from the faithful, that is a market proven fact. The market has tried all of these models in the past 10 years. There is nothing new about RP's except that it was proven to be flawed a very long time ago and abandoned by anyone who actually wanted to grow a successful enterprise.

On a last note, please don't drink anymore kool-aid (you make him sound like the second coming). Find some information sources for libertarian philosophy in addition to Ron Paul. Folks in your situation would benefit greatly by listening to him less, and others more since you already have his perspective down pat. Learn, grow.

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