Comment: Until the False National Debt producing

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Until the False National Debt producing

Private Rothschild zionist private central corporate debt counterfieting Federal Reserve Bank is elimiated elections are impossible.

They have the CARROT and the STICK. The CARROT is the unlimited DIGITIZED at a keyboard, funds. To own and control the propaganda, to own and control the vote count. To own and control the installed Juciciary including the so called SUPREME COURT.

The STICK is claims of National Debt collection by the private corporation called the IRS. With these claims of debt collection they can justify any and every immorality including torture and murder. With these false debt claims they convert a free sovereign human into a debt slave.

So NEO will you take the blue pill or the red pill. (NEO dont take any pill)

Any election prior to ending the fed will be just one more evil puppet show.