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read closely what i wrote

i certainly didn't mean he was THE messenger, or the ONLY messenger.
so we agree there:

"I'm an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect." ~ Ron Paul

yes, what you say about ayn rand is correct. what i mean is there was a time when the word libertarian and her name went hand in hand. today i'd say it's more ron paul when people discuss libertarianism.

regarding the market and the channel's success or failure, well, we will see if your prediction is true or not. i for one am hoping you are wrong.
i would imagine you hope that you are wrong as well.

the kool aid crack is based on your misreading of what i wrote. my advice to you is to read more CLOSELY, ask questions, don't assume and don't jump to conclusions so quickly. it's a sloppy, and rude way to have an exchange.