Comment: JPM depress gold and silver markets but inflate oil, and most

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JPM depress gold and silver markets but inflate oil, and most

other commodities for massive profits, While screwing the American public. Even Coca cola is complaining about JPM cornering the Aluminum market, causing higher prices for soda. It only causes a penny per can increase, but when billions of cans of soda are sold annually its big profits. Also thank JPM when you want to do a little rewiring of your home, they are also hoarding copper. The real big one is oil the banks caused the $140 barrel price in 2009, and are trying the same now. We had to bail them out back then, will we do it again?

I ask all that look at a post like this, what has changed in our economy that could cause silver and gold to decrease? I would say nothing! This take down of silver and gold is nothing but fraud running rampant in the markets. Every where you look there are shortages in both metals. We are still in a bull market and this is just a dip, and smart stacker's buy on the dips.

Only a few are buying silver and gold now, but as both markets begin to pickup the masses will rush in at the end. Kind of like a fools gold rush. I wouldn't get caught waiting for silver to go lower it may never happen.

I look at silver as a savings account, and I don't have to worry about some bankster dipping into it. If your holding cash in a savings account your going to lose it. Cypress was only a test for what the public will put up with.

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