Comment: NSA, Obamacare..

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NSA, Obamacare..

being that MSM has become the voice of government and the GOP has passed by resolution to boycott CNN and MSNBC, that leaves Rand with fewer voices for interveiw opportunity

So Fox comes out with a long interveiw, over 15 minutes, and the questions being asked are complicated, as if they are traps..

Rand refers to the constitution on NSA, and he points out that there is no options.. there are no courts, and any questions, there is no oversite, so all anyone can do is accept what NSA and the majority in Gov supporting it.. Rand says there should be a way to question it, but since the govt has no way to do this, who would?

On Obamacare, he explains that ACA destroyed health care with mandates, again, there is no recourse.

On Egypt, Fox is not saying "Israel", but pointing out that the arms to Egypt are supportive for Israel.. and Fox defends Obama's arming Egypt, and they are trying to force Rand into saying foreign aid is good "for Israel".. and as usual, Rand points out the money goes to dictator's perks, not to the people... Rand says it's WEAKNESS on American side.. that's going to get him some hostility..

On Christy, it's pretty apparent we are being set up for a Clinton/ Christy election (should have fewer voter turnout than ever) brings up Ron Paul, because Rand won't say anything bad, now that Ron Paul is OUT, they are using his talking poiints against Rand, as Ron Paul said, "Christy offers nothing".. Rand says party is big enough for both of us.. big enough for Libertarians.. NORTH GOP IS EMPTY???? That's not what DPs who didn't join the GOP said.. Hmmmm

So this interveiw was for the globalists in government to find ways to defeat Rand. Rand is good, and why they don't like him.. He needs help, but it seems that since so many are buying into the globalists agenda with BS arguments about "statism" and not voting and not participating.. Rand and those who GET it are going to be in for a rough road. Of course those who didn't help will be the first to blame. Each man for himself is great until the wolves come knocking at the door.