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Comment: Because it was a well written article...

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Because it was a well written article...

Sourced from multiple interviewees. In addition, there was very little available on her and so I read what I could. Her facebook page was rather useless at learning much about the woman, and is obviously not capable of even pretending to be impartial.

That article was fair, if you bothered to read it. Including citing a friend of hers that was warned by her 6 weeks before the attack not to take a job with NYU, because it would be dangerous.

If she didn't want to be judged, she should have gathered evidence of her stories. Recording conversations, retaining documents, etc. She didn't. That's on her. If she is telling the truth, she made herself useless by not keeping evidence. If she is lying, she is an attention whore...

We have no way of knowing which is the case, incompetence, or character flaw. But it IS one of those two cases... And before anyone makes excuses for her, all I have to say is: Snowden.

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