Comment: With all due respect, the time to WIN ELECTIONS is now.

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With all due respect, the time to WIN ELECTIONS is now.

Hey, I used to be a low-information GOP neo-con voter. I didn't find out what Zionism was (I am embarrassed to admit) until about a year ago. And yet I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and the Libertarian candidate in 2012.

I didn't need to be "educated" about a political movement in a foreign country before I was able to recognize the issues that face US HERE, in my own country.

I do recognize that MOST people in the U.S. electorate think that Zionists = Jews and Jews = Zionists, and that if you're anti-Zionist you are by definition anti-Semitic. Now, if a Jewish anti-Zionist organization or organizations want to take on that PR campaign, more power to them. But we have enough to do in the Liberty movement in the U.S. to educate our fellow U.S. Citizens about OUR Constitution.

I agree with the OP. I believe the uptick in anti-Zionist comments on Liberty websites is probably part of a Cointel Pro campaign. I also agree that it's meant to alienate low-information voters, paint the Liberty movement, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, etc. as anti-Semitic and waste our time.

You are, of course, welcome to spend your time however you see fit.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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