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And the unspoken effect

The actions of our rogue government and the agent provocateurs has caused an even deeper effect in my opinion.

Does anyone here feel less likely to want to speak out about the crap going on?

Do you feel like you will be targeted personally or placed on a list etc?

I know I for one feel the effects of our current surveillance state in the "Land of the Free" and the "Home of the Brave".

How many false flags and operations will be allowed to stand? Our rights to free speech are already gone. The curtain of uncertainty of veiled threats against your liberty, life and property.

The deeper question is what has this already done without any additional action by our government and rogue agents. Does anyone here really feel safe speaking out about this injustice without fear of repercussions in our "free society".

That is really the biggest question and the biggest travesty against the American people. The silent threat of assassination either literal or figurative. Who among us is willing to go against our shadow puppet government?

That is for me the real irony and the real death of the American Society.