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Comment: yeah, I get that too, but if you have a mobile phone of any kind

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yeah, I get that too, but if you have a mobile phone of any kind

you're de jure tracked, period. and absolutely does that NOT make it okay, but particularly if you own a Google Android device, you're ALWAYS tracked, by the nature of its OS and the fact that Google is de facto NSA/CIA.

sad state of reality is that if you want zero digital signatures, you need a VPN or signal spoofer, scambler or jammer (which the FBI laughably considers 'illegal,' even though they use it all the time, illegally), or the only sure thing: be 100% off the grid & off the digital grid.

I've personally never seen a Google/Droid app even ones developed for liberty leaning sites, not ask for slew of permissions at prompt when trying to install an app.

I truly wished that there was a company and/or service who made devices that lean 100% toward privacy, and not give govt ANY info, period.

But, considering the fact that that I constantly get ads on my Droid phone all the time, solely based on some non-erasable factory loaded software that came on the phone, not sure if that's gonna happen anytime soon.

Ed Snowden along with sources that Amber Lyon dealt with, all said that no one in the intel industry uses Apple products, at least not when meeting with sources, as you can't take out the battery unlike most Droid phones; it's a well known fact now that FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA can at any time turn on your phone's mic & built-in cam, even when you 'turn-off' the phone itself, as long as there's battery in it: can't take out battery in Apple products.

That's why you read about when Ed Snowden was still staying in Hong Kong and met with South China Morning Post and other local & international reporters, he specifically asked for their phones to be placed inside the fridge (blocks out signal, plus the fridge's compressor & EM noise and its quasi-Faraday cage like metal box structure, while not metal to metal contact sealed, would suffice; not trying to block an EMP attack, just focused signal pickup), for that very reality of intel agencies being able to turn on 'your' phone, whenever they want.

Yeah, personally, if I had my druthers, I'd never carry a phone with me, but realities of modern life, I suppose...

Any tech security experts here?

Any suggestions for alternatives, or some proper way to secure your Droid phone, or any electronic communications device, 'secure as possible' given what we have? Thanks.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul