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I agree with you

I had two donkeys (notice I said two). One day a sheriff's pickup pulled into my drive. I went out to see what was going on. He said that they had gotten a report that I had a dead donkey and that the other one looked starved! WTF??? Looking around I did find that one of the donkeys had slipped under some vines that was holding it down. Not dead, but never recovered. The other? Well, have you ever tried to fatten up a donkey that was starved when you got him? Both of these animals were looking a lot better than they were when I got them. And for a donkey to slip is almost unheard of unless it was frightened. The only thing I could figure out was that some neighbourhood kids were throwing rocks at them and caused him to slip. The kids got frightened, went home and told moma that they had killed a donkey. She did not want to call me and explain what happened so she called the cops instead. If she had called me I may have been able to get him untangled and on his feet before he was too far gone! Instead she called the cops, which took them over an hour to respond.
Oh, and the donkey that was trapped could not have been seen from the road. They either had to know it was there or been trespassing on my property.