Comment: I agree with you that natural foods are best

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I agree with you that natural foods are best

but, you can get a gallon of "milk" at the store for about $2. Fresh milk, if you can find it, is running around $5/gallon. Not cheaper, but better for you. Vegetables and fruit is generally cheaper, but again you have to hope the grower did not use any pesticides while growing it. Ground beef? Do you know the person who raised it? Did they use any antibiotic cattle food? Did they use BGH? If you don't know them personally you are still taking a chance. As for eggs, I have my own chickens. I know what they eat (to an extent - they are free range and eat all the insects they can catch!). The thin shelled, bleached out eggs at the store do not appeal to me any more!

After all that, in general people would be better off if they bought from the farmers market and the local butcher than they are eating the mass produced foods from the "grocery" store. And that includes me!