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do your own research

This has a lot of misleading and uninformative scare tactics.

And synthetic compounds such as calcium pantothenate, produced from formaldehyde.

Sounds super scary doesn't it? Calcium pantothenate is vitamin B5 and is found and produced naturally in a wide variety of foods you consume every day.


Super big word huh? Must be something made in an aluminum factory right?
Not even remotely, it's a naturally occurring sweetener that is found in barley, wheat, bananas, onions and other foods. Side effects include good digestion and good bacteria growth. IT'S THE DEVIL.

I don't mind outing bad companies doing bad things and this well may be a misrepresentation of the product they're offering, but it certainly isn't cause to try and cause a scare over things that aren't nearly as bad as the author makes them sound.

I'd have a lot more respect for the author if they would have just said the product certainly isn't just natural juice, it contains vitamin b5, artificial sweeteners, and dietary fiber. I guess when you have an agenda, what's the truth matter, right?

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