Comment: The Ten Or So Teens Were Probably "Victims"

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The Ten Or So Teens Were Probably "Victims"

Let's face it guys, we live in a country that is filled with racism and hatred towards blacks. Why else would we appoint a black man president? Cause we hate him? WE KNOW that president is the last job any man wants, so we make the black man do it. It is basically slavery all over again. I feel sorry for slave Obama. Let's give him a raise.

And those TEN KIDS probably felt threatened, so they beat that guy OVER AND OVER out of anxiety. Poor kids couldn't even find jobs, so they had to do SOMETHING. Beat up the currently employed, and then apply for his job when he is too injured to make it into work the next day.

I for one am proud of these teens, proud of their boldness and bravery, proud of their creativity, and am proud to be an Amerikan.