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they know EXACTLY what they were doing; there's one certainty about govt: SOP, the Standard Operating Procedures/Protocol.

Because they have specific ways for answering for their actions when citizen complaints are lodged against them. frankly, a lot of dept internal politics and resources are spent on 'dealing' with, countering, and training on legal issues.

Unlike the TV shows, they don't even really 'hate'-hate the IA, the Internal Affairs; it's only when a cop doesn't know HOW to speak the right words to get out of trouble, does the dept and city by proxy, once 'forced to be put outside of the 'legal and financial liability zone' do they fire the cop, etc. Simply put, they only punish their own when they publicly undermine their own authority and rationale for existence. You can literally commit as many crimes if you're a state actor, as long as you know HOW to work the system to stay in it. You have to know to speak 'their' language. It's what I like to call "Governmentese."

But, more apropos of the unlawful color of law arrest, there is absolutely no reason in hell they needed to even attempt to put on a 'choke-hold,' however shoddily executed, which frankly makes it unsafe for the tyrant thug, as well as his victim.

There's only ONE reason to exert physical force: it's to 'teach' you that 'I own you.' PERIOD.

Considering how easily, readily, and regularly they deploy Tasers for compliance and fun, don't ya think it's 'funny'-strange that they didn't?

Seriously, I'd guarantee, none of these pussies would deal with truly driven gangbangers with equal or greater force parity.

Like, when's the last time you've EVER heard of a SWAT team in a prolonged all out two-way gunfight against a cartel contingent equally armed or in numbers, really duke it out??

Notice how the ONLY time cops truly exercise physical force (punching, kicking the head, etc) is against a smaller, unarmed or less-armed citizen victim??

Like all predators, they target an easier prey. Simple hunting instinct/dynamics.

Yes, they actually see the citizenry as prey.

SWAT, and frankly the current batch of 'operator'-wannabe cops' equipment and military-gear upgrade, were always meant for the helpless citizenry, NOT actual criminals. That's just the rationale they love telling the public and the commissars. Well...if they actually had to use all that equipment as intended, they'd actually get hurt, by them. LOL!!!! er... .o(
Sunday Funnies for r3VOL Gunnies: How to Be An Operator (the 1st SFOD-D kind, not the Verizon-kind)

SWAT/modern militarized cops are/were never about fighting, or fighting 'fair' for that matter; they're merely visual PsyOp tools of oppression: ie, the typical SWAT 'stack' entry formation is the most tactically dangerous setup ever devised, especially if they truly were entering an armed compound with fully armed adversaries, as is.

That, is HOW you know, it's ALL for show.

Sure, you can say in war, being sneaky/cheating/not-playing-fair is what wins the day and the only way to come home after a day-shift, but that, alone says all, don't it?

They consider the streets of America an actual "battlefield" (not de facto, but de jure) where you don't negotiate, plead, or convince your 'opponents': you simply DESTROY anyone non-compliant, because WE, their employers are actually seen as the enemy.

High time people ADMIT that we're an occupied nation, the sooner we'll get rid of this tyranny, once and for all. Hopefully, completely peacefully. But these a-holes are actually PUSHING the citizenry to a breaking point, just so that they have further justifications for fully deploying a completely overt policestate at home. Unfortunate for them, none of the commissars actually realize how asymmetrical warfare truly works; they're still thinking with pre-telegraph days military tactics. But c'est la vie.

History spares no one, from their own hubris and moronic delusional blunders. Yay, to the 'silent' lady of history, eh?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul