Comment: Is a day's worth of jail a viable option for you?

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Is a day's worth of jail a viable option for you?

First off, the proof of insurance thing is easy, just provide proof that you have insurance at the time of the stop. I would do this before the court date and have it dropped, leaving just the speeding ticket.

As for the speeding ticket, just don't go to court. They will issue a summons for your arrest. Turn yourself in on a Tuesday night. Eat a good meal and dress warm. You'll usually be seen in court the next morning. Public defender should be able to get you time served. In any case, don't give them a dime. I know this process because it is what I have done before but each state is different. I personally would rather spend time in jail making them spend the money to feed and house me than to give them a stinkin' nickel.

I now have free traffic ticket representation in Vegas through an attorney who handled a case for me. He didn't follow my instructions too well and got a speeding ticket turned into a $220 fine with no traffic school, etc. Just the fine. Not good enough as far as I'm concerned so I let the due date on the fine pass. I assume I have a warrant for failure to pay or maybe they'll just stick it on my credit. Maybe they'll suspend my driver's license. Who knows. I do know they aren't getting $220 from me.