Comment: was he resisting arrest?

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was he resisting arrest?

at first i thought he was (technically) resisting but then i watched it again and the miac pig never told him he was under arrest he just said "put your hands behind your back". i thought they had to say you are under arrest before you could get a resisting charge? if a police employee tells you to jump you don't have to do it.

now if they said you are under arrest put your hands behind your back and he did not do it immediately then they can (technically) charge him although that is a gross misinterpretation of the law meant for people who are actually resisting/fighting. looked like the pig in front of him grabbed his hand in front so i don't know how he could have complied with both of the boys in blue costumes.

never resist because that is just what the new world order pigs want so they can beat you up and practice their mma moves on you.

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