Comment: Love Ron Paul, followed him decades, fought the campaign, but...

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Love Ron Paul, followed him decades, fought the campaign, but...

...having been a police officer, I would have arrested him also!

They gave these exceedingly, and properly polite public servants, no choice but to arrest them! It was a poor battle ground they chose, and their tactics were not only shallow in constitutional underpinning, but poorly exercised. It reflects poorly on the grassroots movement for liberty, their understanding of the nuance of constitutional issues, and gains little in the way of public servant education! They might as well have challenged them to an arm wrestling match!

They are acting like anarchists and not like patriots who believe in the rule of law in a constitutional republic. In trying to do the officer's job for them, trying to redefine the law, arguing the fact of traffic enforcement, patterns, how to run the road and overpass intersections, they really end up infringing the rights of their fellow citizens! Their fellow citizens have already said they need traffic officers for that purpose, preferring an element of organization for traffic safety, and have hired these officers to that end! These would be protesters appear to have disregarded the rights of other members of society who need these officers to keep that overpass safe, regardless of their perceived urgent issues!

All of which begs a question: are they really agent provocateurs? When they ignore the rights of their fellow citizens and the ordinances enacted by them locally, and instead think the rule of law is fair game and should be dismissed for their whims of protest, which flies in the face of orderliness, then warning bells go off in my head! They are provoking more action by government and therefore bigger and more controlling government!

If they are sincere, they should ask the public servants who have been hired by the people, for permission to protest and shut down the bridge. Maybe the people through their elected servants will agree their issue is worthy of the time and space, regardless of the danger to traffic!

Otherwise, expect to be arrested, do not complain about the arrest, and confine your logical outcry to the real issue being protested!