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That's like saying "a desert island half a mile away caused the ship to sink". No it didn't, they are unconnected. The ship (the dollar) would have sunk even if the island (precious metals) was not there, because it was full of leaks, badly maintained and woefully overloaded. The island would also be there even if the ship did not sink. (In fact, the only way for the ship to stay afloat would be to put in to the island for repairs!! - Gold standard.)

Also, I think you're making it needlessly complex to sound more intelligent. Gold and silver have intrinsic value, the dollar does not, it's as simple as that. If they make so many dollars that there's nothing of value to back them up, which they have, then each dollar becomes worth a lot less.

Finally, the fiat dollar is no friend to American Liberty, it is its enemy.

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