Comment: So the officer's had two

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So the officer's had two

So the officer's had two options...1)enforce the traffic laws that society has hired them to enforce, which means ticketing the driver who rear-ends the guy in front of him because he was "rubber-necking" OR 2) Shut down a peaceful and lawful protest on a public sidewalk that in no way effected traffic any differently than a group of teenagers standing on a sidewalk holding "car wash" signs trying to raise money for a school fundraiser would have.

I'm sure if an actual law or ordinance was being violated, it would've only taken the cops a minute to look it up and recite it to them verbatim. There were no imminent threats present that would've prohibited the cops from doing that.

The only reasons these protesters should've been removed from the overpass is if they were blocking other citizens from using the sidewalk or if they were obstructing traffic by stepping out onto the roadway. Unless those things were happening, they should've been left alone.

It looked to me like the cop doing most of the talking actually stepped away to make a phone call, most likely to ask his superior for guidance, when the other cop decided to take the situation into a direction it didn't need to go and made an arrest for "Contempt of Cop".