Comment: take me to your leader :-)

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take me to your leader :-)

i don't want a "leader" a spokesman yes, a messenger yes, a statesman with integrity and principles yes, but as ron paul has pointed out many times: this is an intellectual revolution. and "fully" what does that even mean? yet we should be critical? those are two opposing views. hell yes we should be critical of one step forward, two steps back rand. i certainly support him as a senator, but folks looking for a leader are in my opinion prone to hero worship, a passé concept. it's the message that must be spread, and there are a number of voices doing that. also i believe that the 2 candidates for 2016 will both be establishment, wall street/bankster/MIC owned and sold by the complicit MSM. you ask who i'd rather see in the white house hypothetically? gary johnson, and he probably has about as much of a chance, which is zero. but like ron paul (still the spokesman for the liberty movement IMO) i remain optimistic of the freedom movement in general, since average folks are beginning to come out against the encroaching police state, TSA, NSA, NDDA, spy drones, and wars abroad. the libertarian movement is the obvious choice and the only one making sense on those issues––some progressives have even found common ground. i do hope to see both rand paul and gary johnson in the debates helping to get the word out. leaders though? a weak idea for those who want to be led by the nose regardless of political inclinations.