Comment: This touches on why I hate religious dogma

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This touches on why I hate religious dogma

I'm sure I will be accused of trying to "divide the freedom movement" by just making a point here. (anytime I try to explain why I think its wrong to believe in miracles regarding religion...I'm always attacked in a very similar way to how I'm called a "conspiracy theorist" when I bring up 9/11.)

Religous dogma encourages people to believe the unbelievable, ie: false claims. For those who think that its okay to believe that a man can be buried for 3 days and then magically come back to life, or that a snake was once able to talk, or that a virgin could give birth and remain a virgin...well, those people are certainly more susceptible to believe doublespeak and/or that 3X4 some mysterious way, actually = 11.