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Comment: This is simply an incorrect understanding of the technology.

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This is simply an incorrect understanding of the technology.

In fact, this technology is used to defeat ISP investigations as well as others. My ISP shows up as a random place in Canada, Asia, or Europe.

Encryption is not guaranteed. It means that it will take them several weeks to read my emails instead of instantly. If everyone does this, it makes the effort an insurmountable task for them. Further, they have no way of tracking back to my IP or ISP without going through those records in those foreign countries, possible, but once again, very difficult for them.

If you layer your encryption. For instance, SSL over VPN, it makes it that much more difficult.

Yes, these people can crack our encryption. Can they crack it quickly? No. As quickly as non cracking it all? Absolutely not. Can they crack everyone's encryption at once? Absolutely not.

Computer resources are finite.

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