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This law is overly broad. You can ban abusive behavior and charlatans in ways apart from a blanket ban. What about a kid who is not gay but is confused by the current propaganda push on the part of the MSM? From the headlines, it sounds like there is no exemption for adult conversion therapy. As other people have noted what if a teenager does not want to be gay and wants conversion therapy. (Another issue has the lumping teenagers into the category of "Children" contribute to the infantilization of our country.)

Children can go through a period where they are confused about sex especially with more and more explicit sex ed being taught in schools. Adolescents also have a right to be ex-gay if that is what they are. Recently a gospel singer was cancelled at a MLK event in Washington DC because he is ex-gay and a small group from the BGLT community could not bear that he even be allowed to sing.

Why is to only liberty approved of by the MSM, the right to gratification of sexual desires?
Yes this is about propaganda. All liberty is to be outlawed except following and enshrining sexual desires. Outlaw eating the food you want, outlaw defending yourself form criminals (and criminal police), outlaw making your own trading mechanism. But a diet of TV, brain numbing foods and physical gratification is all good for a compliant easily managed population.