Comment: Faith is Faith and math is supposed to be math

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Faith is Faith and math is supposed to be math

math is either right or wrong. It doesn't matter if you believe 3 x 4 equals 11. It is a proven fact as you can simply lay out a 3 by 4 grid of objects and simply count.

Bringing religion into this is oximoronic. I'm not going to tell you what to believe and you shouldn't tell other people what to believe about God, the universe, and everything.

But I do want to make one necessary point. What you believe about God, the universe, and everything....including how it all got here and how it all works exactly.... is just that. A belief. Most of what you know has been told to you by someone. Most of what you believe is theory and not a proven fact. We actually know very little about the world and how the universe works. There is actually a huge amount of scientific dogma that is taught through out our schools that have very little anecdotal evidence to back them up. When I was in school they would teach it as Theory. Now that my kids are in school, they try to teach it as fact. It is NOT fact, it remains theory, and has not been proven by using reputable scientific methods. Until it is proven by any shadow of a doubt, you are having FAITH that these scientific THEORIES are true. This makes you no different than those who are religious.