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Comment: I would just as soon not live in fear.

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I would just as soon not live in fear.

At the end of the day, the NSA doesn't need any of my communications to kidnap me, threaten my life or my family, or even just plane kill me. I am not scared of them playing tricks on me or stealing my money(the state has a different arm to do that). I dont have anything to hide from anyone. I do not engage in any criminal activity at all, never mind anything that would actually be prosecutable under common law.

This state has already enslaved me and ruined any chance I may have had for security. They have stolen my ability to save for my future and protect myself. The only thing they can do now is bully me. Having my communications doesn't enable them in any way that they haven't been enabled in already.

The only way we can stop them is politically. If you want to be secure in your person, forget encrypting your emails. That just gives them power and authority. Instead, try and wake up your neighbor, and take some of it back.

Thomas Jefferson's statement about the consent of the governed isn't a natural right, its a natural law. The truth is right now "We the people" consent to the way we are being enslaved. The dishonest way that it has been imposed on us is inconsequential to this fact.

The only way we are going to get our freedom back is if we take it back by waking up to the madness and actually choosing those representatives that will refuse to let us be controlled. Hiding will not protect me.