Comment: Why two parents? Throughout

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Why two parents? Throughout

Why two parents?

Throughout the Law of Nations, there is constant reference to "things" being passed via the, intellect, character, name, etc. When he comes to citizenship, there is less clarity, but it seems obvious that since many other things are passed via the father, so would citizenship. If the founders truly were basing their views SOLELY on the Law of Nations, this is the conclusion. Not surprising considering how people viewed women at the time.

Now, you may be saying, "AHA! This invalidates Obama since his father wasn't a US citizen!"

But the 14th amendment enacted equal protection under the law. Therefore, it would be unequal if only men could pass their citizenship along, not women. And since the 14th amendment specifically grants rights and does not take any away, instead of saying "you now need two parents", it has to be "you only need one parent".

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